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Exodus 18

 Exodus 18 is a real story in gaining wisdom.  Moses father in law Jethro “heard the report of all that God had done” and shows up with Moses’ wife Zipporah and sons whom he had been caring for.  Moses is glad to see them and invites them into his tent where he tells Jethro the “story…and how God had delivered them”.  It was a time of celebration and remembering God’s goodness and impact.  They sacrificed and worshipped and ate together.  The next day Moses went about his business of  “judging the people” when they came to him with issues from “morning to night”.  He was one busy guy.  The lines were long and people waited for him to make a decision. 


Jethro had just waltzed into camp as you may recall a day or two ago.  He sees what Moses is doing and immediately says “why are you doing all this, and all by yourself”?  Hello Jethro – this is Moses you are talking to.  He is God’s chosen leader so that is what he is supposed to do.  Can you imagine a father in law coming into camp and telling his son in law who has just set the Israelites free from Pharaoh, led through through the sea, turned a stone into water and on and on – now this old man comes to town and tells Moses he is doing it all wrong.  “This is no way to go about it”.  That is pretty much in your face telling Moses he is screwing things up.  Not doing his job right.  Jethro does explain why “you’ll burn out and the people right along with you”.  So maybe he has a point but it seems a bit out of school to me – waltz in and tell Moses he is wrong.  Jethro doesn’t just tell him he is leading incorrectly – he goes the extra step of telling him now he should be doing it.  “Keep a sharp eye out for competent men….appoint them as leaders over groups…they’ll be responsible for the everyday work”.  Moses was told his job was to solve the tough cases and let the rest be handled by his selected men.  What an amazing thing to happen.  Moses the leader of the whole nation being told to do it differently.  But an amazing thing happens.  “Moses listened to the counsel of his father in law and did everything he said”.  No argument, no questioning – he just did it.  And guess what – it worked just like Jethro said it would.  As Moses listened and acted on wise counsel, he was blessed with fantastic results.  He got his life back.  Oh how different things would have been had he not heeded the wisdom.  How often do you resist the wise counsel of another?  God puts people in our lives to give us counsel.  Sometimes we need to seek those folks out.  But there is much wisdom in listening and heeding godly counsel.  Scripture tells us to do it.  This shows us how.

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