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Exodus 17

Exodus 17 continues the journey of the Israelites.  They are moving along and again fall into the complaining mode because they are thirsty.  They complain to Moses, which is ultimately complaining to God because Moses can’t make water.  Moses is a bit worried and “cried out in prayer”.  He says “what can I do with these people?  Any minute now they’ll kill me”.  Things are a bit tough for him leading.  He knows he can’t make water either.  So the One who can, who never really got asked, comes through as usual and tells Moses to take his staff and go “strike the rock” at Horeb.  Guess what happens?  Water comes a gushing.  The people were asking “is God here with us, or not” and God gave His answer.  Yep – always have been, always will be.  So why do we continually question that.  God doesn’t move – if He doesn’t seem close it is because we have move away from Him.  I love to be reminded of the little saying: If you don’t feel close to God, guess who moved.  It wasn’t God.  He doesn’t ever leave nor forsake us. 


While on their trip the naughty Amalekites show up to do battle.  God tells Moses to send Joshua and the boys out there.  He goes up on the hill to watch along with Aaron and Hur.  When Moses held his hands up, the Isrealites were winning, when he let them down it went the other way.  So they got a stone and Moses sat down and “Aaron and Hur held up his hands”.  This is really important to grasp.  There is no way Moses would be able to hold his arms up all day so his army could win the battle.  Had it not been for Aaron and Hur coming along side him, to lift him up, they would have gone down to defeat.  We all need folks that will come along side us to lift us up.  And we all need to be someone who does that for others – that comes along side and helps them be victorious.  That is the purpose of the body.  That is why Jesus created the church.  We need one another.  We need to come along side and lift each other up.  We need to go to battle together.  Who are you lifting up?  Not just thinking about, but really coming along side of and making a difference?  Who do you let fill that role in your life?  We all have to get with the program here.  That is God’s task for us in the body!

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