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Exodus 15

 Exodus 15 tells us what happens after the miracle of crossing through the sea.  In a word, they “sang”.  In fact they were “singing my heart out to God”.  As I read this chapter it brought back a song that I sang a long time ago about the “horse and rider into the sea”.  Did you sing it?  It happened right here in Exodus as Moses led his people to freedom.  The Egyptians “sank like a rock” and God set His people free.  I love the three things they call out as truths about God:

  1. God is my strength
  2. God is my song
  3. God is my salvation

Is that true in your life?  Is God your strength, song and salvation?  Do you have that kind of relationship with Him?  Same God today as Moses served.  It is all about the relationship.   Here is a key that scripture tells us.  It says the Israelites were “telling the world” about what God had done.  They were telling the world about the fact they were “the people God redeemed”.  They didn’t just enjoy and savor it themselves.  God acted, they told.  Do you do that?  When God moves in your life, do you tell people?  Or are you just quiet about it, keeping it to yourself so no one knows you are a Christ follower and God believer?  We need to tell the story.  We need to express our thanks and give God the glory.


Interestingly, they move on and spend three days wantering in the desert “without finding any water”.  That is quite a while to go without water, but it amazes me, although in honestly I probably would have been right there with them, “the people complained”.  They were frustrated with Moses and God because there was some discomfort in their life.  Moses does another God thing and throws a stick into the bitter water and makes it drinkable – no big deal for a God who just parted the sea.  So why do we struggle to remember that God can not only handle it, He is in control?  My we have short memories.  It is also interesting that “God set up rules and procedures” at this place and told them to “listen obediently”.  There is a concept we all need to latch on to – actually a couple things.  We need to listen to God – not spend our time trying to tell God things.  We then need to be obedient.  God doesn’t tell us things for us to consider whether we should take action.  God’s word and truth demands action.  It is not optional.  That is where so many times we miss it.  God’s Word requires our obedience and action.  It has to be done.  It is not up to us to decide whether it fits our needs or desires.  If God said it, we better do it.  That is what obedience is all about.

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