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Exodus 7

 It is showtime for Moses with Pharaoh.  God tells Moses to “speak everything I command you”.  Aaron is to deliver the words to Pharaoh.  But God set the expectations when He said “Pharaoh is not going to listen to you”.  That is a bummer.  God is sending Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh with a message that is not going to be received.  Seems like a lot of work for no good.  But it gives God a chance to begin a series of steps that will lead to freedom.  Often our freedom happens over time, after taking a number of steps toward God.  That is certainly the case here.  As God told them, it happened.  They go in, Moses at 80, Aaron at 83 – a couple old guys (they lived a lot longer then) go to Pharaoh and deliver the message to let the people go.  Pay attention to how it was done: “Moses and Aaron did exactly what God commanded”.  Did you get that word – exactly?  No deviation, no quick thinking, no change of plans – just tell Pharaoh what God said.   And he reacted like God said too – Pharaoh said no.


So God sets out on the 10 step plan to free His people.  The first was to have the boys turn the water into blood.  Not just a cup or bowl, the whole Nile river.  Aaron passes his staff over it and viola, it turns red, the fish die and the people can no longer drink the water.  Pharaoh has a bunch of magicians who were able to do some magic that was similar to the things Moses and Aaron had done so far, turning a staff into a snake – although Aaron’s staff snake ate theirs – and turning some water into blood.  So Pharaoh ignores the request and heads back home “never giving it a second thought”.  Bad decision by the big guy here.  When God speaks, it is important to listen.  When He is trying to get your attention, it is time to pay attention.  God doesn’t give up.  The rest of the story is just getting started.  Are you missing some word from God right now in your life?  Are you part of a change plan that God is directing in your life?  God is at work in all of us.  We need to pay attention to what He is up to and join Him in it.  That is a lot better program than getting forced there.

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