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Exodus 6

Exodus 6 is an interaction between Moses and God along with a long list of the people this standoff with Pharaoh includes.  We see the families and heads of the tribes listed and all the people who are enslaved in Egypt.  God tells Moses “you’ll see what I do” and “I am God” but Moses is not really listening.  He is still focused on the fact that when he went to Pharaoh last time, things got harder on the people and it just didn’t work out.  God gives Moses the message for the people: “I’ll take you as my own people….I’ll be God to you….You’ll know that I am GOD….I’ll bring you into the land that I promised….I AM GOD.”  Seems like a pretty compelling message doesn’t it?  But when Moses delivered this message to the Israelites, they didn’t even hear him” as they were too beaten down and just not interested in any more of his thoughts.  They were “beaten down in spirit” and frankly not interested in anything Moses has to say.


Certainly an understandable response.  They were working dawn to dusk, harder than ever, punished for not meeting quota and it seems things have gotten worse since Moses showed up telling Pharaoh what to do.  So Moses isn’t really excited about making another trip to see Pharaoh, which is exactly what God tells him to do.  Moses says “look at me. I stutter.  Why would Pharaoh listen to me”?  Moses is not really interested in doing what God has asked.  He is back to the game of trying to make excuses why he can not obey.  Sound familiar?  God I know you want me to do this, but……ever play those games with God?  Ever use the….kind of busy, how about tomorrow or next week trick on God?  Moses is resisting God’s known will for his life.  It was pretty clear as God told him specifically what was required.  God has done the same for you and me – He even wrote it out so we couldn’t miss it in His book for our life – the Bible.  It is easy to sit here and say Moses just do what God says man.  Don’t mess around like this.  If God told you to do it, just get on with it.  Yet when we are challenged in our own life with God’s truth and direct commands to us and we don’t want to be obedient, we are pretty good at making excuses.  How about “husbands love you wives as Christ loved the church”?  Or “wives be subject to your husbands”.  I could go on and on as God has given us so many commands and so much guidance in how we should live our life to be in obedience to Him.  We can explain away our actions so quickly and with such ease that it seems obvious that those verses weren’t really written for us, right.  WRONG.  Excuses for not obeying God will come with a price.  God has the perfect plan.  When we deviate and decide to do it our way, things don’t go quite so well.  Things in fact often go very poorly.  It is a bad choice.  Moses is wrestling with God and we just can’t understand why.  We need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves where we are doing the exact same thing.  Life won’t go nearly as well as it could if we only obey!


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