Exodus 3

Exodus 3 begins with the familiar story of Moses and the burning bush. What a way to meet up with God. Walking through the area and then a fire in the middle of a bush that doesn’t burn up anything. It would tend to grab your attention wouldn’t it. Moses is out taking care of the sheep, minding his own business and then God shows up. But more than the fire that didn’t consume the bush, God speaks to Moses. God tells Moses to take off his shoes and recognize who was speaking to him. God has heard the people’s cries and is ready to move to set them free. “I know all about their pain” God says. He knows the situation and is ready to take action and Moses is His choice to lead.

So what is the response? “But why me”? That is what Moses says. “What makes you think that I could ever go to Pharaoh and lead”? Oh how often we duck when God calls us to do something outside our comfort zone. Right? Been there before? I sure have. God gives me an assignment and opportunity to make a difference for him and I choose not to trust Him. What was God’s response to Moses? The same as it is to you and me: “I’ll be with you”. God doesn’t call us to do something He does not equip us and provide us the needed resources to be successful. God calls us to obedience and to leave the results up to Him. Moses doesn’t want to go there. The excuses continue. “What will I tell them”? God is clear and His answer is the same to us today. Tell them “I AM who I AM”. God is God and we don’t need to defend or explain Him. He doesn’t need us to do any more than just obey his direction and walk with Him in faith. He handles the details. What God originates, God orchestrates as Andy Stanley says it. God calls Moses to go and lead his people to freedom. Moses argues and says the people will never follow him. God assures him they will. God gives Moses a picture of what the future will look like – a land flowing with milk and honey. All he has to do is step up and be obedient. Why do we resist God’s direction? Why do we insist on things being done our way? Oh that we would just walk with God and let the details rest in His hands!

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