Genesis 49

Genesis 49 is the final chapter in Jacob’s life. He spends time talking with his sons – one by one – sharing the truth of their past and future. Some strong words for his boys. Some have a price to pay for their life choices, others will be lifted up and praised. Jacob speaks truth and shares openly. But he keeps God in the picture as he addresses each one. He “waits in hope for your salvation, God”. He is a spiritual leader in his family. The focus is on God and God’s blessing. “The God of your father – may he help you”! He blesses Joseph yet again with a power blessing. And then he “breathed his last” and passed on. So how will your kids remember you? Will it be based around you blessing? Will it be a life that is committed and submitted to God? Will it be as a strong spiritual leader who pointed them to the Cross? Just how will your legacy begin? Legacy doesn’t happen til we breathe our last breath, but the time prior to that is the key to setting up what that legacy will look like. The time and energy we spend teaching, modeling, living life with God determines the impact of life after we leave this earth. Jacob goes out in style, speaking truth to each of his kids and setting the stage for his legacy. Have you considered that passing of the torch? None of us like to think about death. But I can guarantee it will happen to you. Your day will come, and the preparation for that day needs to happen before rather than after. Are you ready? Is your relationship with God right? Are you secure in your faith and future? Is Jesus really Lord of your life? It is so important to consider these things while there is still breath within us. Once we pass on, the opportunity to get life on the right track is over. Don’t miss that – do it now – while there is time. And recognize that your life touches many. Live it well – live it with God!

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