Genesis 47

 Genesis 47 is the meet the family chapter.  Joseph “went to Pharaoh” and introduced him to his family.  First the took in 5 of his brothers, and then his father – Jacob who is now 130 years old.  Pharaoh asks a few questions and basically tells Joseph to have his brothers to be “in charge of my own livestock”.  Jacob connects with Pharoah and then “Jacob blessed Pharaoh and left”.  I have to imagine this was a bit scary for Joseph.  His sheep herding brothers and rather aged father coming in to see Pharaoh…..quite a change from their normal day of watching the herds and dealing with wild animals trying to eat their property.  But Pharaoh was happy for Joseph’s family reunion and granted them the land in Goshen to settle and live.  Just what Joseph had hoped would happen, and it did, and “Joseph took good care of them” as they settled and lived there with him.

The rest of the chapter explains the continuing famine and hardship.  People ran out of money to buy food with, so Joseph then took their livestock in exchange.  The next year he bartered for “bodies…and land”.  Soon Pharaoh and Joseph had all that the people had – their money, livestock, land and themselves.  They were “grateful and glad to be slaves to Pharaoh”.  Wow – that seems like a stretch.  They had just given up all they had including their freedom, and they were glad about it.  My how hardship can change perspective.  Seems that when people are under duress, things can really change.  These people were struggling just to survive, so all those things they thought were important very quickly lost the same level of importance when the focus became survival.  With some of the current day events, it makes me wonder just how quickly we might we willing to give up freedom and be glad about it.  Hard to imagine in happening, but some days it seems like it is right before our eyes and we aren’t raising a red flag nearly big enough or high enough…..

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