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Genesis 45

Genesis 45 begins to tell the rest of the story.  Joseph had kept his brothers in the dark as to his identity.  Now on their second trip to Egypt to get food, he can’t contain himself any longer.  He sends all his attendants out as he breaks down and can’t hold in his feelings any longer.  Of course he sobs so loudly that all in the area know what is happening and word gets back to Pharaoh, who is happy for Joseph and the reunion with his family.  So how does Joseph spill the beans to his brothers?  He doesn’t come down on them for selling him into slavery.  In fact he says “don’t feel badly….don’t blame yourselves….God was behind it….God sent me here….an amazing act of deliverance”.  Now it would have been pretty easy for Joseph to play a little get even here with the men who sold him off years earlier.  Yet he recognized the hand of God in all that has happened in his life.  He could see that God had prepared him for such a time as this, that the dream he had shared so many years earlier that led to his being cast off had come to pass.  Joseph knew and recognized his place in God’s plan.  He understood his role in history, and understood that had the events of the past not happened he would not have been in the right place at the right time to serve God and fulfill the plan God had for his life. 

Do you see God’s plan for your life?  Do you know what God wants to accomplish as a result of you being on this planet?  He has a specific plan for you.  He wants to use your life to make a difference.  It isn’t just some willy nilly life we lead where there is no real roadmap.  God has a clear vision for you and me.  He created us intentionally for a reason.  He has absolutely got a plan that has your name on it.  Just like the plan God has for Joseph, it may not always be without any bumps or struggles, but in His time, and in His way, it will yield His results.  That is the key for us to keep focused on.  If we seek God’s plan, if we walk in God’s will, we will find God’s outcome.  But it isn’t accidental.  It happens when we walk in obedience to His will and direction, day by day, moment by moment.  It happens when we seek His face and stay focused on our relationship with Him.  Joseph didn’t lose sight of the important stuff even while going through slavery and prison and accusation.  He stayed connected to the Father and just walked faithfully day by day and let God deal with the circumstances and provide the results.  The brothers return home and tell Jacob of the truth about Joseph and his desire to see him and move him to Egypt.  Jacob says lets go and be united again!  Do you know God’s plan for your life?  There is no better time than right now to find out what it is and begin living it!

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