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Genesis 24

Genesis 24 tells the story of Isaac finding a wife.  But the reality is, he didn’t even play a part in the hunt.  Abraham “was now an old man” as scripture says it.  I sort of know how he felt.  He calls the senior servant on his staff and tells him that Isaac needs a wife, but not one of the local girls, a girl from his homeland.  Abraham had been given a vision of how this girl would be identified and sends the senior servant and about 10 others off to find her.  They load up the camels with lots of loot and head off to “Aram Naharaim and the city of Nahor”.  When they arrive, they stop at the well as this is the place they were going to put God’s plan to the test.  But the very first thing they did was pray.  He repeats the plan to God and makes it clear that it will be a sign from God when a very special girl comes to the well and “gave him a sip of water….and watered the camels as well”.  Rebekah comes to the well almost immediately and does exactly what Abraham had told them would happen.  It could not have been clearer had God written it in the skies – this was the one.  They ask if there is room at the house for them to stay, and of course there is and Rebekah is “off and running” to tell her family of her new friends and guests for the evening.  She has no idea of the plan at this point.

The rest of the story continues like expected.  The caravan goes to the home of Betheul and son Laban.  They tell the story.  I prayed….she came….I had barely finished offering this prayer….she didn’t hesitate”.  It was so obvious to all it was from God that Betheul declared it when asked about Rebekah becoming Isaac’s wife.  I love the responses here:  Betheul says “This is totally from GOD….Rebekah is yours: Take her and go; let her be the wife of your master’s son, as GOD has made plain”.  And “when Abraham’s servant heard their decision, he bowed in worship before GOD”.  God was front and center from both men as His plan was so obvious it was impossible to miss.  Do you recognize when things are totally from God?  Are you paying attention so you would even have a chance of seeing it?  They load up Rebekah and head home.  As they approach Isaac coming running.  After all, he is receiving a wife he has never even seen.  But I love how the story unfolds.  Check it out: “He married Rebekah and she became his wife and he loved her”.  That is God’s plan at its best.  Marriage happens between a man and woman.  But just like we see in the teaching on marriage in the new testament – the roles are different.  Isaac “loved her” – that is what scripture tells us that husbands need to do.  Rebekah “became his wife”.  Another way to look at that is she came under the authority and protection of Abraham.  It aligns with the New Testament teaching so well.  God is so big.  And He really does have a perfect plan for marriage and how that divine relationship is supposed to work.  Oh that we would learn to live the way he designed our marriages to be .  He is in control.  He wants control of our marriages.  Are you letting Him have it?

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