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Genesis 23

 Genesis 23 tells of Sarah’s death.  Abraham mourned her death and then needed to bury her.  But he didn’t have a burial plot.  He goes to the Hittites, in whose land he was, and asked for their help in getting here a proper burial plot.  He had a specific cave selected and wanted to purchase it from Ephron, son of Zohar.  The chapter contains the story of how they bargained back and forth, Ephron wanting to give it, Abraham wanting to pay for it.  Finally they settle on “four hundred shekels” which became the price Abraham paid.  The transaction occurred in the presence of the town council.  Abraham took over the property and buried Sarah, who was 127 years old when she died.  This is a story of two very polite and insistent men.  Ephron did not attempt to take advantage of the situation Abraham was in – needing a place to bury his wife.  And Abraham did not take advantage of a man who felt a bit obligated I would expect to meet his request.  There is goodness on both sides and a mutually fair arrangement was made.  It shows the value of treating people well, of being fair in our dealings.  And the fact it was done in public in front of all to see was a good witness to their dealings as well.  Taking advantage of another is not God’s plan.  We all need to be fair in how we deal, and to do it openly and honestly.

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