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Genesis 22

Genesis 22 is a chapter that defines obedience for us. It is a very familiar story, and one that really challenges our thinking about God’s expectations for our obedience. Abraham now has a son Isaac. God decides to test Abraham and calls out to him. The first thing that impresses me is that Abraham is listening. “Yes….I’m listening” is his response. Would you hear God if He spoke to you? Are you plugged in and listening to His still soft voice? Or are you so wrapped up in the busyness of life that God could yell and you would miss it? That certainly describes me some days. But Abraham did hear and God asks him to take his son up on the mountain and sacrifice him. Not a simple request. He waited over 100 years to have a son and now he get a request from God to “sacrifice him as a burnt offering”. What would have been your response? I imagine I would have argued a bit – questioned God on why – and been filled with disbelief He would ask that. But Abraham had prepared and had “split wood for the burnt offering”. They loaded up and headed up the mountain. Along the way Isaac asked “where is the sheep” which tells me he was not just a baby at this time. He understood the basics of worship and sacrifice. Abraham answers and proceeds to set up an altar, tie up Isaac and prepare to sacrifice his life. Wow – that is obedience at full speed. That is complete and total. Of course some angels talk to Abraham as his knife is prepared to kill Isaac and again Abraham replies: “I am listening”. Good thing, or it would have been too late. Had he missed this communication Isaac would have been dead. So what is the result of obedience? Check out what God says here: “because you have gone through with this….I’ll bless you–oh, how I’ll bless you”. Do you see the parallel here? Obedience brings blessing. Because Abraham listened and obeyed great things happened and still are to his offspring. God expects and requires obedience. Don’t miss the impact it can have.

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