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Genesis 21

Genesis 21 is a big chapter in the life of Abraham and Sarah. God has promised a son be born to them, and “God did….what He promised”. 100 year old dad and 90 plus year old mother. That is a miracle for sure. Scripture gives us this record of the timing: it happened “at the very time God had set”. It was God’s plan and happened on God’s timeline. He is in control of all. Why didn’t Sarah have a child much earlier? It wasn’t God’s time and because of this plan – God is glorified. How else would a woman that old give birth? They name him Isaac and he is the father of many descendents. Of course the jealousy continues with Hagar and Ishmael and Sarah tells – she didn’t ask – Abraham to get rid of her and the boy. God assures Abraham it will be ok so he packs up “some food and a canteen of water” and sends them away. They head off into the desert and it looks pretty bleak. They are out of water and Hagar thinks they are going to die.

But God hears her plea and assures here it will be fine. Check out what happens: “Just then God opened her eyes. She looked. She saw a well of water”. Middle of the desert. Almost dead. God comes through with another miracle. He didn’t give it to her until she needed it. He didn’t give it to her until she asked. She had been sobbing and likely not even looking any longer – had given up. But when she looked – there it was. He absolutely was listening, was in control, and met the need head on with more than enough. “God was on the boy’s side as he grew up”. Never wonder if God is around. He is. He knows. He listens. He acts. Sometimes though, He waits for us to ask, to believe, and to obey. The power of communicating with God can’t be measured in our terms. He is in control. We need to line up with His plan and we do that as we pray and obey!

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