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Genesis 15

Genesis 15 is a record of a conversation between God and Abraham.  God first speaks to him in a vision and tells him “I’m your shield”.  God is our protector.  Do you pray for God’s protection from the enemy?  Scripture tells us clearly that he wants to “kill, steal and destroy”.  But God is our protector and we need to seek Him and ask for His protection.  I do that daily as I pray – that His hedge of protection will surround my marriage, family, businesses, small group etc.  God is faithful and wants to be our protector.  God also tells Abraham “your reward will be grand”.  Now Abraham has a bit of a struggle with that one because he has no kids.  He wonders how this can work out.  But God tells him his descendents would be “a big family” and points him to count the stars.  That is a bunch for sure.  So Abraham is old, hasn’t had any kids, and is wondering about the future.  But upon God’s word scripture says “and he believed!  Believed God!”  That is the picture of obedience we all need to get mastered in our lives.  God says it – we believe it – that settles it.  Why do we struggle with it so much.

After this discussion God gives Abraham a sign to seal their discussion.  He asks for an offering and it leads to the point where “God made a covenant with Abraham”.  God promised his descendents the vast land between the Nile and Euphrates.  It isn’t going to be immediate, in fact God says it will be 400 years or so before they get it, but it will be theirs and the promise was done with a covenant.  According to Baker’s Bible Dictionary, the word covenant means “a coming together. It presupposes two or more parties who come together to make a contract, agreeing on promises, stipulations, privileges, and responsibilities”. God gives His Word to Abraham here in Genesis 15.  He gives a picture of the future and makes it something that Abraham can rest upon.  It is interesting that marriage is a covenant by design as well – between a man and woman for life.  That relationship needs to be equally as strong and be treated the way this covenant was between Abraham and God.  Are you living in a covenant relationship?

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