Genesis 14

Genesis 14 talks of a bunch of kings and the battles they got into.  They teamed up and fought with each other – 4 kings vs 5 kings and on it goes.  There were some victories and kingdoms captured and it was going well for some of them until they captured the kingdom of Sodom where Lot lived.  They grabbed him and took “everything he owned”.  One of the fugitives came running to Abraham and told him what had happened to Lot who was his nephew.  Now remember they had split ways and were living in different parts of the land.  Abraham was living peacefully and very well and was unaffected by these battles.  But when “Abraham heard that his nephew had been taken prisoner, he lined up his servants, all of them….and chased after the captors”.  You catching this?  Abram and his servants probably were not warriors – they were shepherds and farmers and not really the guys that had much fighting experience.  It wasn’t their day job at all.  And he only took 318 of them so was woefully outnumbered.  Yet Abram never even hesitated.  He called his servants together and they took off in hot pursuit.  No arguing, no discussion, just loyal obedience. 

Abram is wise in his approach as “his men split into small groups and attacked by night”.  They had to – they were far outnumbered so they had to fight smart.  The other side had just conquered about everything in sight – they were riding a bunch of victories and yet Abram goes after them and wins.  He frees Lot and recovers the plunder and sets things back the way they were.  Abram doesn’t take anything for himself from the kings he conquered except enough to eat and feed his troops.  He didn’t want to have anyone giving credit to his wealth or blessing other than what God did Himself.  Abram showed his love which drove him to immediate action.  He took no regard for self or showed no fear of others.  He just went and did what was right.  Do you take action to do the right thing no matter the odds?  Us plus God is always a majority!


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