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Genesis 10

Genesis 10 is a whole list of genealogy of the sons of Noah.  Ham, Shem and Japeth each had their own families that grew and became the world as we know it today.  I don’t claim to understand how it all worked out, but I do know that each lineage is unique and has someimpact even today.  These brothers who rode in the ark for so long with their dad became the fathers of different people groups.  It is interesting that as the list goes on, there is a pause at Nimrod, one of Ham’s descendents.  He is called the first of the great warriors.  Sort of reminds me of the list where Jabez is called out.  Name after name and then a pause – Nimrod is called out as someone special and unique.  He also is called a great hunter before God.  Nimrod stood out.  He was called out as someone special.  Does God see you that way?  Are you a man or woman of God who stands out, who is different and unique and a person that God knows as someone special.  The chapter ends this way: “This is the family tree of the sons of Noah as they developed into nations. From them nations developed all across the Earth after the flood”. 

Ever thought about the impact of these boys and their dad.  Four men who are the fathers of all nations.  The power of legacy are never seen any more clearly than in this chapter.  God created generations to come through the lives of these three sons.  We have the opportunity to create a legacy as well. In fact, we do create one whether we intend to or not.  We leave our mark on the generations that follow and we create a path that others will tread.  It is important that we learn to lead the way God leads us.  We have so much we can do to cause the future of the world to go God’s way.

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