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Genesis 5

Genesis 5 makes me tired just reading it.  This is the “family tree of the human race” chapter that lists all the old guys and their geneology.  The chapter does start by telling us a very important fact about creation: “When God created the human race, he made it godlike, with a nature akin to God”.  Here is the design for you and me – “godlike with a nature akin to God”.   God’s desire is for us to be like God – not to be God – those are two extremely different things.  But He wants us to live a life that is holy and righteous and to have His love and His character.  Scripture tells us “He created….and blessed them”.  God didn’t and doesn’t just allow us to be born and wish us well.  He designs every person in the womb and blesses them as they begin life.  But then He hands the keys over to us and we begin to have the freedom to choose – that is where we need to focus – on the choices we make moment by moment and day by day.  Are we choosing God’s way?  That is what He expects.  It is called out this way “Enoch walked steadily with God”.  Pretty much the only reference to being different amont the list of the 10 or so mentioned here.  It does also tell us that Adam “had a son who was just like him, his very spirit and image” and we know from the prior chapter that this son Seth was the first to get on with prayer and worship.  But God desires us to “walk steadily” with Him.  The result for Enoch was pretty darn cool: “And then one day he was simply gone, God took him”.  That is my dream way to leave this planet.  God just decides to take me home to eternity.  Lord I am ready…..


So why am I so tired?  Well check out the length of time these guys lived: “Adam…930 years, Seth….912 years, Enosh….905 years, Kenan….910 years, Mahalelel….895 years, Jared….962 years, Enoch only 365 because God was so pleased He took him home early, Methuselah….969 years, Lamech….777 years”.  That is quite a list and a lot of years.  Those numbers alone make me tired, but most of these guys had kids when they were old, some over 100 or more.  I couldn’t keep up in my 20’s, I can’t imagine being 100 with a new baby.  But then we get to Noah….oh my goodness…. “when Noah was 500 years old, he had Shem, Ham and Japheth”.  Did you catch that – not a mistake – 500 years old and having three boys?  Hello God – this guy has an ark to build too.  Seems like a bit much for a guy his age to be saddled with.  Obviously God’s design for man is a whole lot more than the 70-80 years we get today.  Not saying I really would sign up for the 900 plus club, but it does make me wonder what God’s plan is really for my life before I do whatever I do to mess it up.  So where are you with God?  Are you walking steadily with Him?  Are you living life His way?

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