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Genesis 4

Genesis 4 starts out with Adam and Eve enjoying each other and conceiving two sons, Cain the farmer and Abel the herdsman.  Sex was God’s creation.  Adam slept with Eve his wife”.  Pretty simple statement but one that carries with it a couple key truths.  Sex is God’s idea.  It is an important part of marriage and is designed to bring man and woman together.  Remember what God said earlier during the creation: “the two shall become one flesh”.  That is not just on a spiritual level, but physically as well.  Too often particularly when I counsel folks struggling in their relationship, this is a major issue.  It is vitally important, but not the only thing important.  Balance is the key, and mutual agreement and understanding is critical for success in this area.  Secondly, the qualifier is so very important here: “with…his wife”.  Sex is designed by God for one thing – to be shared by husband and wife within the confines of marriage.  There is no testing clause which says you should try it out before you get married to see if it works for you and is all you expect.  There is no engagement clause that says you are ok to proceed if you make some kind of commitment to someday get married or even say you love someone.  There is no satisfaction clause that gives you the right to have sex outside marriage because you aren’t getting what you want with your mate.  No – there are no exceptions to God’s law around sex.  It is not ok to live together in a trial mode.  It is not acceptable to mess around a little and see if it is gonna be good.  The world has really messed up this beautiful part of God’s design and creation. The church doesn’t really do a very good job of teaching it either, and some tolerate living together and even practicing “safe sex”.  There is no such thing except what happens between a man and his wife.  C’mon people, we can’t bend the rules here.  This is the basic truth of God’s creation!


Cain and Abel bring sacrifices to God.  Cain’s grain is not so good, Able brings his firstborn animals and best cuts of meat and God is pleased.  Here we find the root of jealousy and anger as Cain kills Abel because it wasn’t fair.  God didn’t treat him the same way as his brother.  We still struggle with that attitude today.  Life is not fair.  We don’t decide.  We need to get on with it and quit comparing and worrying about how unfair it seems to us.  But the thing that screamed at me was this.  Adam and Eve were blessed with a third son after Cain kills Abel.  Would be a rather late addition to the family for sure.  Seth comes along and has a son named Enosh.  Grandson to Adam and Eve by my calculation.  Here is what scripture says: “That’s when men and women began praying and worshiping in the name of GOD”.  Makes it seem like there wasn’t much worship and prayer during the first part of creation.  Adam and Eve didn’t have to do that because they were with God.  He was hanging around with them.  It wasn’t til a couple generations into this that people figured out they really needed a relationship with the Father who was in control.  Sometimes it seems like we haven’t figured that out yet…we miss the desperate need for prayer and worship of our God.  We need that relationship.  We have to get back to the basics of prayer and worship to the Creator of our world and life!

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