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Job 13

Job 13 contains Job’s continued response to his friends.  This struggle has been going on for quite a while in Job’s life and he is sick and tired of it.  He tells his friends to back off and listen.  They have been giving him advice from every angle and from all perspectives and none of it is helping.  I love what Job tells the boys when he says “silence is your only claim to wisdom”.  Sometimes the best thing we can do is shut up and listen.  Sometimes our best advice is just sitting quietly and spending time.  It isn’t always about what we say, in fact more often than not, it probably is less about what we say and a lot more about what we do.  But Job makes it clear that he is not getting anywhere by listening to his friends so he is taking his case straight to God.


I’m taking my case straight to God Almighty….I’m going directly to God”.  Isn’t it awesome that we can approach God directly?  We can come to Him with our prayers and concerns and He not only allows it, but He listens and acts.  God has given us that ability – to seek Him directly and share our burdens and our heart with Him.  He wants us to do that.  He asks us to come to Him, to approach His throne and be in His presence.  God desires us to come because He loves us.  Job never forgets that, even in the midst of ongoing pain and suffering.  He knows that God is in control.  Yes he is tired of the battle.  Yes he is tired of his friends trying to “fix” him.  Yes he wants this to be past.  But the most important thing he says, and the one we all need to make part of our inner core belief is this: “Just wait, this is going to work out for the best–my salvation”!  Job knows that even in the pit of despair, when the chips are down, when his luck has gone – God is still in control and it will all work out for the best.  Wow that is hard to remember in the midst of struggle.  But it is so very true.  Not on our timeline or always the way we expect.  But in God’s economy and on His timeline – “all things work together for good” as it says in Romans.  Job wants God to back off and talk with him about things – he is still frustrated with his circumstances.  But he doesn’t lose sight, even in the midst of total disaster from the world’s perspective – that God is in control and will take care of Him.  I know a number of people are struggling every day with these kind of serious life issues.  God’s answer is the same to us today – it is going to work out for the best – just trust Him.  Walk with Him in obedience, even when you don’t feel like it, even when you can’t even see where you are going, just walk with Him and trust and obey.  God has it under control!

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