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Job 10

 Job 10 contains Job’s words as he wrestles with his circumstances.  It is getting old, very old in fact, and he is ready to be past the trials and tribulations he is facing.  As he pleads with God and makes his case, he brings up a couple important things we need to remember.  First he points out that God is “not taken in by appearances”.  God sees all and is not confused by the way people live or act.  He sees the very heart of each of us and knows our motives and the real you and me.  God is able to work with the facts because that is all He sees.  He is not swayed by how things appear.  He knows how things are.  Secondly Job recalls the uniqueness of who he is.  You made me like a handcrafted piece of pottery”.  What a statement of truth we all need to cling to.  God made us unique.  He created us in a very special way.  And there are no mistakes.  Certainly we can mess with God’s creation and make choices that cause issues, but God has a perfect plan and it is for that reason we were created.


That takes us to what I think is the real key lesson from this chapter – the reality of time.  God works on a very different timeline than we do.  Job calls it out like this: “Unlike us, you’re not working against a deadline. You have all eternity to work things out”.  As humans we tend to look at things in the very short term.  We tend to only see the immediate and will never see things from God’s perspective.  We don’t have that luxury.  We don’t have that ability.  But God does have eternity as His perspective.  And we have His promise that all things work together for good.  Not on our timeline, but on His eternal timeline.  That is what we need to remember and cling to. 

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