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Job 9

 Job responds in chapter 9 to Bildad.  He makes a number of comments about God and his plight.  But the overwhelming thing that jumps out at me is how he recognizes who God is and how much power He has.  We’ll never comprehend all the great things he does; his miracle-surprises can’t be counted”.  What a mighty God we serve.  He is the same God that was with Job during his trials, and was the One who created Adam and Eve in the garden during the creation.  God is beyond our ability to understand.  He “moves mountains…gives the earth a good shaking up….tells the sun, don’t shine…..pulls the blinds on the stars”.  That is the God we serve.  He is plenty big and has plenty of control over all.  Sometimes we lose sight of that.  We get caught up in trying to understand God or try to explain what is happening.  He is way past anything we can understand.  He is well beyond all that we can see or touch.  God does more miracles we miss than we will ever experience.  But that is His nature.  He is God.  Job makes that point like this: “Somehow, though he moves right in front of me, I don’t see him; quietly but surely he’s active, and I miss it”.


We need to realize and accept the fact that God is so far beyond our ability to see or understand that we have to relate to Him the only way we can – by trusting Him.  We will never be able to see all He does.  We will never understand why He does it.  But we can know that He is in absolute control, has our best interest at heart, and carries us in the palm of His hand.  Doesn’t mean there won’t be difficult days and tough circumstances.  Job can tell us all about that fact.  But it does mean that God is alive and active and we need to cling to Him, trust in Him, be obedient to Him and walk humbly with Him.  It is key to living life fully with Him.  Are you looking for God and what He is up to?  Join Him in what He is doing!

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