Job 8

Job 8 is the interaction with friend #2 – Bildad.  He was one of the guys who came when Job’s life became a struggle.  His approach is rather direct and not exactly encouraging – straight talk about why this is happening.  At least from his perspective.  But he does give Job some good advice.  “Get down on your knees before God Almighty”.  That is a great place for all of us to start.  We all need to be on our knees seeking God’s direction and making that relationship key to our life.  It takes time and effort and energy and work – but we need to make it a priority and spend time with God each day.  Bildad shares the result of “what happens to all who forget God – all their hopes come to nothing…they hang from life from one thin thread”.  I love how he says that.  When we decide we can deal with life on our own, we are just kidding ourselves.  We are simply fooling ourself into believing that somehow we have control.  Oh how foolish that thought is.  There is no way we have any control, actually of anything.  We have no clue and only see dimly.  God sees all and knows all and we need to be seeking Him if we don’t want to hang by a thread.


The second thing Bildad says that we need to heed is this: “why not let the ancients teach you, tell you what’s what, instruct you in what they know from experience”.  Experience is a great teacher.  We can learn much from those who have gone before us and lived where we are living.  The reality is that what we go through in life is not new.  Someone has been there before.  God knows all about it too.  Yet there are days that I think nobody understands my situation.  That is not true.  Others have endured and persevered through similar lands.  I need to seek out those who are older, and there are still some out there who are, and read and learn from those who have gone before me.  God’s Word teaches us over and over we need to learn from our elders – we need to learn from the experiences of others.  That means we have to seek out those who can give us appropriate wisdom and advice.  And it means we should be ready to step up and do that same for those who are younger and need to learn from our life experiences.  We don’t live in a little bubble disconnected from the world.  We are right smack dab in the middle of it for a reason – to make a difference.  Bildad has it right – we need to learn from each other and the experiences we have had.  And we need to be on our knees before God seeking the ultimate wisdom and direction.  Are you learning?  Are you seeking?

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