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Job 7

 Job continues in chapter 7 to share his feelings on the plight he is in.  Human life is a struggle, isn’t it” is how he starts.  And my experience says that he is absolutely right.  Job is not on an island when it comes to struggling.  His circumstances may be more severe than most I am aware of, but as humans we struggle with life continually and constantly, at least I do.  We all have periods of time where things just seem to take a lot of effort no matter what.  Everything we touch seems to go the wrong way and we wrestle with the simplest of things because they just don’t go the way we expect.  At times we think life is not fair.  Job certainly could have made that case.  But there is no promise that life will be fair, and from my experience, it is pretty certain it won’t be at least from our perspective.  Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people.  At least that is how it seems.  But someday we will see clearly what the big picture really is from God’s perspective.  Then it will look differently.


Job does remember a couple of key points about life.  He states “don’t forget that I’m only a puff of air”.  Life is short.  It won’t last long.  There’s nothing to my life – it’s nothing but smoke”.  The thing we have to remember is that this life, no matter how bad it gets, is only temporary.  This is not our home but a simple stop on the path to eternal life.  And what we do with our life, whatever the situation, determines eternity.  That is the key to focus on.  This life is about preparing for the one that we will live with forever.  So how we live matters, and it matters a lot.  And particularly as we come upon the day that is like no other – the day of celebration of the One who gives us an eternal future through His salvation – we need to focus on how we live.  We need to work at reconciliation with God and deal with the shortfall in our lives so we can spend eternity with Him.  Are you living life for eternity?  Are you really thinking about how the things you do today, those that you endure and persevere through, are so important as you prepare to receive your eternal future?  We have to get focused on the importance of how we live.  Life is short – it is a puff of air or some smoke in light of eternity.  But it really matters as it is the determination of how that eternity will look.  What will you do with Jesus?  He is the key to your eternal future rather than the things that happen day to day in your life.

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