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Job 6

Job responds to his friends in chapter 6.  I can’t really imagine the state of mind he is in here.  Life has gone from being on the top to being really down in the dumps.  Job’s view is that “God has dumped the whole works on me”.  It is really a struggle.  Things have changed for the worse and it is not a pleasant place to live.  Been there?  I sure have and it isn’t fun.  His request is pretty simple: “All I want is an answer to one prayer”.  We all go through times when that is all we really want.  God to listen and answer one prayer.  It may be healing for a family member, a major problem that needs attention, financial disaster – we all have those big things that just need God’s touch and we think that if God would fix this one thing all would be better.  That isn’t exactly true but it sure feels like it at the time doesn’t it.


But the real lesson here is how Job responds to his friends.  These guys have been with him a while now, they have tried to encourage and give him some hope.  But Job isn’t really all that amused with them.  He reacts the way most all of us do when things are difficult.  When desperate people give up on God Almighty, their friends, at least, should stick with them”.  That is a revealing statement about how Job sees life right now.  He is moving away from God, whom he doesn’t feel is doing what he needs, and depending on his friends to step up.  Of course they can’t possibly do what he expects, so there is no hope of a good outcome.  Expectations are often the issue in relationships.  Far too many times it is even unspoken expectations that cause the rift, but almost always it revolves around some form of a disconnect on expectations.  I thought you would do this.  I wanted you to do that.  Wow how real that is for all of us.  Job also reveals another issue that happens under pressure – the feeling that nobody listens or cares.  You pretend to tell me what’s wrong with my life, but treat my words of anguish as so much hot air”.  People sometimes are unreasonable.  They have unrealistic expectations and demands.  But we need to listen intently.  We need to work hard to attempt to understand.  We need to know that God is and will always be there.  Being a friend is tough work.  It isn’t always fun and games.  But that is when we determine who our true friends are.  Are you listening?

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