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Job 2

Job 2 continues the attack of the enemy on Job.  Satan had destroyed Job’s family and taken most of what he had, and now he seeks God’s permission to attack him personally.  He is covered with sores from head to toe and was in real pain.  Satan took his best shot at getting Job to turn from God in chapter one, and now that he failed in that attempt, he comes at him again.  Lesson here to learn – the enemy is focused on destroying us.  He absolutely does not want us to have a relationship with God that matters.  He will come at us in every way possible and take from us anything he can to keep us apart from God.  What we have to do is focus like Job on staying connected.  Even when Job’s wife lost hope and faith, Job held fast.  He was steadfast in his trust of God.  I love what he says: “We take the good days from God–why not also the bad days?”  We will have some bad days.  Life happens and it doesn’t always happen the way we want.  But God is faithful and has promised to never leave nor forsake us.  Doesn’t mean it won’t feel like it.  Doesn’t mean we will always understand.  But it does mean He is true to His Word and will always be there.


We also meet his three friends in this chapter.  They come from three different places, so it shows us that Job is a well known and connected guy.  And it shows that the enemy is certainly unafraid to target everyone.  After all, Job is described as a “friend” of God.  He is not some ordinary person who has a little relationship with the Father.  He is close to God and a dedicated and committed follower.  And often that is exactly who the enemy goes after, and he comes after us where we think we are not vulnerable, in the area we believe we have no exposure.  The enemy will come against us where we least expect it.  The three amigos come and couldn’t believe what they saw – how bad Job’s plight was.  So they cry out and sit there in silence for seven days “without saying a word”.  Ever have those moments when you just don’t know what to say.  It often happens to me in the hospital or at a funeral.  But being there is often the most important thing and we have to give these guys credit for that – they showed up and stayed even though helpless to address the situation.  Do you have friends who would sit with you for days when needed?  More and more it seems we are all too busy to get involved at that kind of level. You can’t make those relationships when you need them.  They require ongoing and constant investment ahead of time – you have to build friendships that last over time.  So it is time to make those investments in some folks.  Do it now before you need them later……

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