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Job 1

 Job was “a man who lived in Uz”.  Scripture tells us these things about him:

  1. “He was honest inside and out
  2. He was a man of his word
  3. He was totally devoted to God
  4. He hated evil with a passion”

We learn that he had 10 kids and was a very wealthy man.  Kids were a bunch of partiers and Job made sure that he prayed for them early in the morning after one of their parties.  He loved and served God well.  The story takes a turn when Satan wants to see what happens when life gets tough.  So God allows Satan to test Job.  A series of things happen that certainly would try anyone:

  1. The animals and field hands were killed
  2. Lightning struck the sheep and shepherds and fried them
  3. The camels and camel drivers were massacred
  4. A tornado struck the house where his kids were partying and they all died

Definitely a bad day.  Scripture tells us “Job got to his feet, ripped his robe, shaved his head, then fell to the ground and worshiped”.  That seems like an unusual response to a series of bad things doesn’t it?  Well it does until you consider that Job had a deep relationship with God. He knew it all belonged to God and that everything was in God’s hands.  Not once through all this did Job sin; not once did he blame God”.  He never once wavered in his commitment to God nor did he doubt that God was there and still in control.  There are many questions we will feel as we read through Job’s life which I won’t be able to answer.  But what we can learn is that Job trusted God, lived with passion and devotion, and put his life in God’s hands.  It wasn’t an easy thing, but God was there and never left him.  When bad things happen we need to run to God.  That is our lesson from Job today.

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