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Isaiah 66

Isaiah 66 is the final chapter in His recordings, and it starts off with a bang.  God speaks His truth this way: “I made all this.  I own all this”!  We sometimes forget the obvious.  God does own it all.  Not some of it, not most of it, ALL of it.  Everything on this planet and in this universe is His.  We are at most stewards of what He entrusts to us.  But sometimes we let the “me” syndrome take over and actually begin to believe that we own it.  After all, we work hard to earn money to buy stuff don’t we?  We spend much of our life working hard to get a paycheck so we can go to the store and buy things we never use or don’t need.  At least I am guilty and holding my hand up high.  We could talk about that for a long time, but the next statement is the one that really whacked me.  But there is something I’m looking for: a person simple and plain, reverently responsive to what I say”.  My bride reminds me that “simple” is good.  We don’t need a life cluttered with a lot of stuff.  We don’t need complex or difficult.  We need life that allows us to spend our time investing in people, not working so we can have more things that won’t fit into our already full closets.  Have you ever thought about how many of us rent extra storage to hold on to things we don’t need and likely will never use?  The storage industry is one of the fasted growing in our country because we don’t get the truth of this chapter – it all belongs to God and we need to live a simple life.  Declutter as my bride would say.


But the second part of that verse really hit me.  What is God looking for?  Someone who is “reverently responsive”.  Pretty simple ask isn’t it?  Seems simple enough but so hard to really live.  God wants us to realize who He is and then respond to His Word and direction for our lives.  He actually demands it.  It is my prayer to become that man.  To put God in His rightful place – first in my own life – and then in my family, business, church and everywhere else I am.  But secondly to realize another thing that Isaiah records: “I know everything they’ve ever done or thought. I’m going to come and then gather everyone–all nations, all languages. They’ll come and see my glory”.  There are no secrets – God knows all – and He alone deserves and will receive the glory.  How much better if I give it to Him now.  The day is coming when He will be recognized by all, but today I have the opportunity to express my gratitude and put Him where He belongs.  Life is not about me.  It is about God and the relationship I have with Him.  It is all His….Lord help me never forget that truth and to live “reverently responsive” to your every Word.

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