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Isaiah 63

Isaiah 63 talks about the struggle that the children of Israel have had in their relationship with God.  Isaiah points out the difficulties in walking with God, and the way God has sometimes poured out His wrath when His people strayed.  But I was struck by a couple things in this passage.  First is the way Isaiah begins to put it all in perspective: “I’ll make a list of GOD’s gracious dealings, all the things GOD has done that need praising, All the generous bounties of GOD, his great goodness….”  What’s on your list of things that God has done that need praising?  Is it pretty short or pretty long?  Have you thought of a list at all?  How about all the things He has given and provided you?  We need to stop and take stock of what God has done in our life.  Testimonies are simply a statement of what God has done, but sometimes we don’t take the time to stop and reflect on exactly what all that is.  God has done much for each of us.  He has blessed us, been gracious and poured His bounty upon us.  We need to stop, smell the roses of His love, and express that.  We need to give testimony to Him!

A second statement Isaiah makes involves our salvation.  People were in trouble and God needed to come up with a plan.  The common wisdom in the world today is to delegate things.  And that is what came to mind for me as I read Isaiah’s words about this.  God didn’t delegate: “He didn’t send someone else to help them. He did it himself, in person”.  Have you ever considered that before.  I hadn’t.  The God of the Universe chose to come to earth as a man to deal with our sin problem HIMSELF.  He didn’t pass the buck.  He didn’t create some other means to fix our problem.  He took on the very nature of man and sent His Son to fix our mess.  He didn’t sent some ambassador….He came in person.  Wow – what a loving God we serve.  And the amazing thing is that the One who created this world wants a personal relationship with you and me.  We don’t deserve it.  We are not worthy, yet because of His nature and love, He wants us to come to Him and be in relationship.  You can’t delegate that either.  Your mom and dad’s faith won’t save you.  Your husband or wife can’t drag  you along into heaven.  Each and every one of us have to have that personal and saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  No other way – no delegation allowed.  It is between you and God.  What will you do with Jesus?  That is the one question only you can answer!

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