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Isaiah 60

Isaiah 60 is a refreshing wake up call.  In fact, Isaiah starts it out that way with a big shout: “Wake Up”.  Look around and see God.  He is everywhere.  He is in control.  This is His earth and world we live in.  His sunrise glory breaks over you”.  We have so much to be grateful for yet so often we miss God in the little things around us.  The sunshine, the food we eat, the water we drink, the morning air (a bit cold for some of us right now).  But Isaiah is helping point people to the reality that God is alive and well, and we need to recognize that the God of the Old Testament is just as alive and well today as He was in Isaiah’s time.  God is all around us.  Look up!  Look around!”  Do you recognize Him when you look?  Do you even notice that He is in control?  So often we get so engrossed in the little part of the world we live in that we miss God completely.  We go through the day busy in our own little patch and don’t stop to see God.  It is nose to the grindstone and heads down, but we need to stop and take a look up.  We all need to take some time daily, multiple times during the day, to stop our schedules and see God’s hand and handiwork all around us.


Isaiah also tells us to recognize our position with God.  You’ll know that I, GOD, am your Savior, your Redeemer, Champion of Jacob”.  Do you know where you stand with God?  Do you recognize just how important you are to Him?  He sent His only Son for your sin (and mine).  He gave all He had to redeem you and me.  He wants to make sure we know Him and that we have a relationship with Him.  GOD will be your eternal light, your God will bathe you in splendor”.  He wants to make a continual and persistent difference in our lives.  God is not content to just sit by idly on the sidelines.  He created us, He created the world He has entrusted to us, and He wants us to know Him and be in deep relationship.  Are you there?  Do you know Him?

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