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Isaiah 57

Isaiah 57 talks some straight talk about the folks who are living life sneering in God’s face.  The end result – not good.  They will pay a price for their sin.  They will spend eternity in separation from God.  They will miss out all the goodness God has for those who love Him.  Isaiah ends the chapter this way: “There’s no peace, God says, for the wicked”.  That truth should be enough to scare any of us into right living.  There really is no peace apart from God.  Even when those who chose not to walk with God get a reprive, it is short lived and peace soon goes away.  They will never experience what scripture tells us is “the peace that passes all understanding” in the New Testament.  That is reserved for those who know and love and fear God.  Real peace only comes from the Father.  We need to be in relationship with Him to experience it.


Isaiah also gives us a glimpse into the God we serve – a God who is all about helping those down and out – crushed by sin – to get on their feet again.  Check out what he says: “what I do is put new spirit in them, get them up and on their feet again”.  God is in the business of restoring lost souls and putting them on top again, even after being knocked down and crushed.  God wants to create a new person, to make a new and right spirit within us so we can be victors and conquerors, not continue under the bondage of sin in our lives.  God stands ready to make a difference for us.  We just need to come to Him and let Him make us brand new.  God wants to do a work in your life and mine.  Are you ready to let Him?

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