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Isaiah 27

Isaiah writes in chapter 27 about how God tends our lives to remove our sin and take our guilt away.  God is in the business of helping us become like Himself and moving us toward holiness.  He doesn’t ignore sin.  He can’t just look the other way.  He may be “hard” on us and even give a “harsh sentence” in how we have to live in order to bring us back to Himself.  But with the difficulties there is always the opportunity to come back to God.  That is the great news of scripture.  There are certainly tough times for people throughout the pages of God’s Word, but none of that ends the relationship unless the people on this end decide to.  God always gives a way for us to come back to Him.  He draws us to Himself in fact.  The real question is whether we choose to go back.  That is our choice – He is there with open arms.


Isaiah paints a picture of God as the vinedresser.  He tells us a few facts about God in that role:

  1. He will tend it
  2. He will keep it well watered
  3. He will keep careful watch over it
  4. He will pull out and burn up the weeds
  5. He will provide safety

Check out this verse which describes what can happen if we cooperate with God as the vinedresser in our life: “Let that vine cling to me for safety, let it find a good and whole life with me, let it hold on for a good and whole life”. Do you see the promise here?  We need to cling to God and experience the “good and whole life” he has for us.  Are you experiencing that life today?  If not, maybe you aren’t clinging to the right thing.  Maybe you are focused on being self sufficient and one of those pull yourself up by your bootstraps independent kind of people.  We can pull all day and all night and never get close to what God wants for us in our lives.  I am not advocating that we sit around and just wait on God to do it all for us, but that we get deeply rooted in our relationship with Him and be in complete alignment with what He wants us to do in our life.  We need to dig in to Him and be rooted there.  It isn’t about me doing more.  It is about me doing what God wants me to do.  Are you clinging to the Rock?  He has so much for us if we just get connected.

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