Isaiah 26

Isaiah 25 has a couple gems that we need to camp on today.  Isaiah writes “People with their minds set on you, you keep completely whole, steady on their feet, because they keep at it and don’t quit”.  Where is your mind set?  Are you focused on the God of the universe?  Or is your focus on self and what you believe you do?  God is all about steadfastness.  He wants to be the center of our dailyness.  That is the struggle with life, it is so darn daily.  We get up each morning and there it is again.  That is why it is critical we “keep at it and don’t quit”.  Today is a new day.  In 24 hours, there it will be again, another new day.  Are you keeping on?  Isaiah goes so far as to tell us how or why we should do it.  Depend on GOD and keep at it because in the LORD GOD you have a sure thing”.  How many sure things do you have in your life?  I know I can count them on pretty much one finger in mine.  We need to stay focused on the One sure thing we have.


He goes on to tell us that “The path of right-living people is level”.  I have to admit it doesn’t always feel all that level.  Sometimes it seems like life if climbing a mountain going straight up.  But comparatively, if we live right with God, He will direct our paths and help us live in a much more level place than those who do it entirely on their own.  Isaiah goes on to say “The more life you give, the more glory you display, and stretch the borders to accommodate more living”!  Did you catch who gives the life and displays the glory and stretches the borders?  It isn’t you or me.  God does all that.  He gives us life.  He is in control of the details.  He sent Jesus to make sure we have life and have it abundantly.  Is God stretching your borders?  Or are you telling Him you don’t want more, you can’t take any more, you are overwhelmed already.  Jabez prayed that God would expand his territory – move the boundaries of his life so he could experience all God had for him.  I pray that for my life each day as well.  Are you experiencing the joy of the life God has for you?  It doesn’t happen if you are focused on self.  It doesn’t work if you are self centered.  It only happens when you depend on God and keep at it.  The joy in life can come in the dailyness of it if we only keep our eyes focused on the One who has the plan already in hand.  Will you walk with Him today, moment by moment and keep at it?

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