Isaiah 24

Isaiah 24 talks about the danger that lies ahead as God prepares to “ravish the earth and leave it in ruins”.  It describes the truth that people are just people when compared to God.  Doesn’t matter if you are celebrity, banker, buyer, owner or priest.  You are no different than the laypeople, workers, beggars or have-nots when compared to God.  He will deal with the earth equally regardless of status or situation.  And why?  Because God says so”.  Pretty simple isn’t it.  Scripture goes on to tell us in this chapter that the reason for his dealing with us is simple – SIN.  Earth staggers….its piled up sins are too much for it”.  There is a price to pay for sin.  And we will face a day of reckoning when we will have to account for all we have done.  The sins are piling up on earth.  We are creating a pit that we will have to deal with.  It won’t be pretty.  It won’t be fun.


This chapter tells us of the pending destruction that sin will bring.  Earth is smashed to pieces, earth is ripped to shreds, earth is wobbling out of control”.  It does not look good if we don’t get our act together.  We have to deal with sin, first in our own lives, and then collectively.  The reality is that Jesus is the only way for us to address the sin in our lives.  We can’t do it alone.  We will never be good enough to live a life pleasing to God free from sin.  So we have to address our sin problem by accepting the atoning blood of the Cross and receiving the grace Jesus has offered us.  That is the only way you and I can deal with the reality of sin.  It just can’t be fixed any other way.  So realize how seriously God views sin.  It isn’t something He can just ignore.  And know that the day will come when He will address it – totally and completely.  The key is to get right while you can.  It has to happen before destruction or death!

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