Isaiah 23

Isaiah 23 speaks about the fall of Tarshish, a powerful merchant city that had experienced lots of buying and selling and money.  It was a “multinational broker” kind of place – business was happening and money was flowing.  But it all is coming to an end.  It had been “energetic and alive, bustiling with activity” but then comes the “crash”.  The “business tycoons” and “traders called all the shots”.  They “controlled the world markets” and were in the driver seat – at least they thought so.  But check out what scripture tells us: “GOD…ordered the crash to show the sordid backside of pride and puncture the inflated reputations”.  Pride is one of those things that God has an issue with.  When we think we are in control, when things are resulting from what we are or do, when the world revolves around you or me – we need to look out because something is going to change.  Are you paying attention to the progression here?  Tarshish has become a boom town and the economy is doing well.  People are actually convinced they are calling the shots and that the world revolves around them.  God puts an end to that rather quickly.


Sound familiar to anyone?  Sure sort of reminds me of some current events from where I sit.  The reality in this scripture is that Tarshish is in ruins for 70 years.  A rather long time to be out of the loop.  And when things do begin to change, on God’s timing, it really doesn’t happen at near the level it had been previously.  God takes control and the selfish focus is replaced as the “profits will be put to the use of God” rather than on the people who made them.  There is a lesson here.  God owns it all and we must never forget it.  God opposes the proud and despises those who think the world revolves around them.  He will bring reality and truth to the surface.  We need to pay attention to the way we treat God’s wealth.  We need to be in alignment with His plan for how we use it.  It isn’t my money, nor is it yours.  It all belongs to God and He entrusts it to us to be used His way.  No real room for discussion or negotiation here.  If we don’t get it, He will make sure we do.  Just look at Tarshish!

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