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Isaiah 21

Today we read a chapter filled with a lot of description of coming plunder and betrayal, pain and suffering.  The fight is coming.  The watchman is at his post and waiting til daybreak so they can see what is happening.  There isn’t much good news here.  People are out of their homes and are refugees in the desert.  But two words jump out that I think we all need to grab hold of: “hold on”.  God of Israel says so”.  We are told to just hang in there.  Too often we throw in the towel when things get tough.  We want to give up and not keep fighting.  But there are tough days, there are difficulties we all will face and the truth is, sometimes we just need to hang on and trust God to deal with the details.  We have to stay focused on the One who can deal with the problems we face even when it seems overwhelming.  The enemy wants us to feel like it is a helpless situation.  He wants us to really just walk away and say the fight is not worth it.  But God is faithful, and He is able, and He is more that willing to get involved in our lives.  We just need to hold on.  My life verse in 1 Cor 15:58 puts it this way: “Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding….”.  We need to stay connected and just hang on to Him!

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