One Month to Live – Day 27 – Starfish

Today’s chapter is about Starfish and making a world of difference.  Those of you who read my daily journal know that I camp on this topic a lot.  I believe God has put each of us on this earth for that purpose – to make a difference in the lives of those around us.  God has created us for that very job.  Today it is easy to think that is not possible.  The problems are too big – wars, suffering economies, starvation, disease – not much I can do about any of that is there?  But that is not how God wants us to look at it.  What His desire is would be that we look at our circle of influence and let Him use us to make a difference and be a blessing in the lives of those we touch.  We are not charged with fixing the world – that is His job – we are tasked with making a difference where we live every day – at home and work and church and in the supermarket – when we rub shoulders with other people. 


There is a great story in our chapter today about the little boy on the beach who wanted to save the starfish who were left of the beach and about to meet their demise. This little boy was flinging them back into the ocean like a Frisbee when a businessman came buy and suggested the job was too big – there were thousands of them lying there.  He thought it was a teachable moment so after commending the boy on his efforts, he shared that the job was too big and he would not really be able to make a difference in the big picture here.  But here comes the real truth – the little boy said after flinging another starfish back into the ocean: “I may not be able to make a difference for all, but I made all the difference for that one”.  That captures the essence of what God wants us to do.  Rather than ask why we should even try to deal with the big issues around us, the question really needs to be how we can help that one person God puts in our life that needs it today.  We have to take it one starfish at a time and make a difference in each person’s life.  We can’t defeat hunger, but we can feed one hungry person and make all the difference in their life.  We need to become a living sacrifice as scripture tells us, giving freely of self to help others.  God has called us to be in the game.  We were created to make a difference – not necessarily worldwide, but in our own little piece of the world.  Watch today for ways you can use the gifts God has given you, the things He has blessed you with, to make a difference for someone else.  Make all the difference for at least one today!

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