One Month to Live – Day 26 – Collisions

Day 26 is about collisions and staying the course when life crashes.  Pretty good topic to go along with the lesson God reminded me of last night at the movie Fireproof.  Life does crash.  Dreams do get broken.  People fail to meet our expectations and if we don’t have a very solid relationship with the Father, if His airbags don’t go off around us, those crashes can be very painful or even fatal.  The reality is that each of us will have to deal with a whole lot of curveballs in our life.  Things just don’t happen in reality the way we draw them out in our mind.  Husbands don’t do the things we expect, wives don’t live up to the dreams we have, kids don’t obey and do what we want all the time.   There will be collisions wherever there are people.  It is the reality of human nature – every relationship will  have them.  So the discussion is not about how to avoid collisions in life – that won’t happen.  The real question is what do we do when we experience a collision.  What do we do when we have a spouse that misses our mark of what we believe they should be.  And that truly is the message the movie Fireproof shares.


It is so easy to know what other people should do to fix things.  We all are expert counselors when it comes to fixing another person and their part of any collision.  But the reality is, there really is a pretty simple solution.  We need to get into the center of God’s will.  We need to commit and be steadfast and immovable in our determination to get into the center of God’s will.  Not based on our feelings – they often won’t line up with that.  Not based on what the other person does – they seldom will respond the way we want or expect.  But just because that is what God tells us to do.  Scripture tells us to “trust in the Lord….and lean not on our own understanding”.  We need to follow Him.  That is how we deal with collisions.  We can avoid some that way, but we can repair all if we only follow Him.  Life does  not crumple beyond God’s ability to repair it.  It requires faith and obedience.  It requires us spending time in His repair shop, praying and reading His word and letting Him have His way in our lives.  But God can handle any situation.  He can fix any relationship if we will only put Him in the center of it all.  Don’t let a collision be fatal and total your life.  Take it to the Lord.  Put Him in the driver seat and let Him be in control.  He alone can help fireproof your marriage and any other relationship you have.  God is in the miracle business.  Let Him do a miracle in your life.

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