One Month to Live – Day 25 – Sticks and Stones

Today’s chapter is about using eternal building materials.  As we continue in our section on leaving boldly, and considering the legacy of our life, we need to talk about the dailyness of life.  Isn’t it amazing how there are so many things that just happen over and over every day.  Dishes get dirty, clothes need to be washed, the house needs to be cleaned, kids need to be delivered and picked up, emails need to be answered and on it goes.  When we make the list of the mundane tasks that are part of each of our lives, and compare that to the 168 hours that God gives us each week, we have to consider how those tasks can become part of our legacy.  Because our legacy is determined by how we use our 168 hours each week.  That will determine the impact of our life beyond our last breath – what we did with the hours we had every day.  Paul writes about this in our passage above.  There is a kids song that talks about the wise man building his house upon the rock….the foolish man on the straw.  Want a life that matters for eternity?  Then we have to build on the right foundation.  We have to choose the right materials to be part of the heritage we will leave behind.  Remember, legacy is the momentum of life after you are gone.  It is what keeps on going, like the energizer bunny.  Will you life keep going and going and going even when you don’t?


There are some key things to consider when looking at the building materials for legacy:

1.     Convictions – what you stand for.  Those are our core values that never change – built on eternal principles.  They have to come from God’s Word.

2.     Character – after we die this is what the world remembers us as.  It is who we are at the core, when we don’t think anyone is watching. 

3.     Community – the relationships we have to other people.  If we want to leave a lasting legacy we have to build deep and meaningful relationships.  We have to be invested in each other. 


I don’t want to break anyone’s bubble here, but all the stuff we work so hard to accumulate and have stored somewhere in our crowded house or garage and never use….it all burns up in the end.  No one cares about that stuff.  They do care and will remember our convictions, character and community.  Those are the things legacy is built from.  If we are going to leave a lasting impact, we have to build with the right things.  Are you doing that with your 168 hours this week?

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