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One Month to Live

Chapter 22 is about experiencing a personal miracle.  We all want to have that happen in our lives, especially when we are going through a tough time.  We want God to do something spectacular in our life.  The book calls out a couple key truths here which I believe to be true:

1.     God is still in the miracle business

2.     There is no formula or magic words that make it happen


God is alive and well, and while we often think we know just what He needs to do for us, our lesson today focuses on the road signs of life that can help us understand what God is up to.  There are four guiding principles that come out of 2 Kings as Elisha deals with a widow who was in dire straits – creditors were coming to try and take her sons because of her debt.  Her husband had died and she has no money.   Here are the principles we need to follow:

1.     Admit we have a need and that we need God to help us deal with it

2.     Assess what He has already provided for us to work with

3.     Turn from a negative reaction to a positive outlook through faith

4.     Serve others with the blessings God has already given


We tend to focus all internally when we are having difficult situations in our lives.  We fall back to the old “me” syndrome and fail to use what God has given us to make a difference in the lives of others.  God is in the miracle business, and He wants to express those in your life and in mine.  But we have a big part to play in that process – not from the perspective of making it happen – God can do that all by Himself.  But we do need to get our life in order, be prepared for Him to work, have our attitude in the right place, have room for Him to pour blessing into our life, and share what He has already done with others.  If we give God the little bit we have, He can do great things through us. Mark tells us that in his book – 10:27.  I hope you will ponder letting God have His way with you.  He wants to be shown strong in your life!

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