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One Month to Live – Day 18 – Hurricane

Today’s reading is about hurricanes and withstanding the winds of change.  It certainly is applicable after the summer we just experienced.  Some of you on this list have really experienced the reality of that.  Interestingly, the chapter starts with some historical info about the 1900 hurricane that hit Galveston.  It was called the “great storm” and caused a lot of things to change there.  Unfortunately, this last one whacked all that preparation and much more that had been done over the last 108 years to cause the damage it did in 2008.  But the chapter is not really about hurricanes, but the winds of change that are inevitable in our lives.  We will struggle with change.  Things come at us and blindside us.  We have to deal with crisis and tragedy that we are not expecting.  Change happens, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but it does happen and will continue to do so.  We have a couple ways to respond – to stand firm and allow that wind to make us stronger, or to let it knock us down and potentially out.  Part of the impact may be determined by how well we work together with others impacted by the same.  There is strength in dealing with change collectively, and encouraging one another in how to deal with the hurricanes of life.


Paul experienced a lot of things like this in his life.  Some was actual winds as described in Acts that his ship had to endure.  We sometimes find ourselves in the middle of change and just want to stop it.  That is sort of like trying to stop a storm that is in progress.  Now Jesus can do that – you may recall Him speaking to the wind and it ceasing – but the odds of you doing the same are not nearly as high.  We can’t stop change.  It will happen.  My dad constantly reminds me that all change is not good change.  And I constantly remind him that just because it is not good does not mean it is not happening.  We have to deal with change.  It is a reality in life.  It can be frightening, cause uncertainty, and be a threat.  But it still happens.  The key is we need to understand it is a reality and we need to make sure we are tied to the anchor that never moves.  That is how Paul’s captain dealt with the storm described in Acts.  The good news is we have a firm anchor that is sure and we need to cling to it with all our might.  That is our source of stability as we face the winds of change.  That is how we can defeat the things the enemy throws in our face as we face it.  God knows the plans He has for us, He is the strength to face any storm.  He will lead us through change.  It is part of life.  It will be part of our last 30 days on this earth.  It is a constant, and rather than try to stop it, we need to embrace the opportunity to see God use change to give us a chance to grow and increase our serve for Him.  Are you a change agent?  Time to get there…the change train has left the station and it is coming your way!

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