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One Month to Live – Day 17 – GPS

Today’s lesson is about GPS and finding your direction.  This one hits close to home as we have a GPS division as part of our company.  GPS is amazing technology.  I marvel at how it can be so accurate and helps us record data from the crops as well as be much more efficient in how we plant and harvest.  I seldom get lost any more and don’t even have to stop and ask for directions.  That’s why guys love GPS so much.  We hate to ask for directions and with GPS we don’t have to .  What a deal…..God has also given us direction on how to find an abundant life.  We are given the Holy Spirit who is like our internal GPS.  The Spirit is in us as a believer – given by God the Creator to help us find our way.  He is critical for us to be in sync with God so we can know the way, even when it doesn’t seem all that clear.


Paul writes in Romans 12:11 “Never be lazy in your work, but serve the Lord enthusiastically”.  Now that describes how we should serve – all in – no holding back – full speed ahead.  But key to that is making sure we are serving and heading the right way.  That happens when we are tuned in to the direction from the Spirit.  That is when we can let our enthusiasm out and know that the results will be on track with God’s plan.  That is when we can be confident that God is going to use us to make a difference and leverage our gifts to make an impact.  Remember that GPS only works when it is exposed to the outside and can get access to the satellites overhead.  Without those signals it doesn’t work – not even a little bit.  We occasionally experience that with the combines or tractors – something keeps the GPS signal from hitting our receiver and it immediately goes dead.  It can’t function without that connection.  We need to stay out in the light and connected to our source of direction as well from the Spirit.  If we let sin control us and keep us in the darkness, we cut off the signal and may lose our way.  We may struggle to find the right direction.  We have to stay connected and able to get the signal.  That keeps us from the detours and dead ends in life.  God has built in a GPS direction for us.  We just need to keep it connected to the source.

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