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Jeremiah 51

Jeremiah 51 is an unbelievable picture of how God loves us.  This verse really shows us just how much God cares: “I am still alive and well, committed to them even though They filled their land with sin against Israel’s most Holy God”.  His children have run from Him, made fun of Him, disobeyed Him, mistreated Him, ignored Him.  They have been brats and yet God is “committed” to them in spite of all that.  What an amazing God we serve.  What a picture of the love we have from the Creator of the universe. 

This really shows the reality of how secure we are with God.  Once we are a child of the Father, His love never ends.  He never pulls back.  Will He discipline us when we are off course?  Absolutely.  Will He whack us upside the head if we lose our way with Him?  Yep.  But does He ever give up on us?  Not a chance.  He never moves on.  He never leaves.  He never breaks His commitment to us.  If we are not connecting with Him, it isn’t because God doesn’t want it.  If we aren’t feeling the love, it isn’t because the flow isn’t happening.  It is because we have chosen to be disconnected and out of relationship.  We need to realize just how blessed we are with His love.  It is amazing and great!

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