Jeremiah 50

The second half of Jeremiah 50 has a couple key observations worth noting.  God speaks about the way He deals with sin – in this case the sin of His people, but it applies to all of us.  He tells us that “These people that I’ve saved will start out with a clean slate”.  It tells us that their guilt will be “nothing” and that those looking for a trace of sin will find “nothing”.  Have you pondered lately on the grace of God when it comes to sin in your life?  The blood of Jesus, if we choose to accept Him as our Savior and Lord, covers a “multitude of sin”.  When we put Him on the throne, our slate is wiped clean and we are made whiter than snow as the old song goes.  Jesus sets us free from the burden of sin.  He takes it off our resume, cleans our record.  He makes it as nothing.  We need to understand the gift of grace.  God gives it to his rebellious children over and over in scripture.  That same grace is available to you and me today through the blood of Jesus shed on the cross.  We can have a clean slate.  It just requires that we receive Him as our Savior.


But the chapter continues and makes a very strong statement about why this destruction is happening to the Babylonians.  I love how the Message version says it: “Do you get it, Mister Pride? I’m your enemy”.  Pride is the source of a whole lot of issues in life.  In this case, the people were proud of self and their gods.  They thought they were invincible.  They believed they were on top of the world.  But pride precedes a fall.  And it is a big one for these folks.  They are going from being in charge to being extinct.  Watch out for Mister Pride.  He will lead you down a path toward destruction.  Lord help us be humble!

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