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Jeremiah 50

The first half of Jeremiah 50 talks of the coming doom for Babylon.  This section of scripture just lines up the nations that are going down.  Pretty complete – the destruction on the horizon. Check out what scripture says: “Empty of life–no animals, no people– not a sound, not a movement, not a breath”.  That pretty much says it all doesn’t it.  It will not be a pretty sight.  God is not amused with the abuse they have poured out on his people.  The “Babylonians had a good time while it lasted….lived it up, exploiting and using my people”.  God is not happy with the things that had transpired.  So the Babylonians are going to pay for their sin.  He makes it clear when He says “oh how she’s sinned against me”.  It is a personal thing – God takes it very personal when a nation comes against His children.

But there is not pass for the children of Israel either.  Here is what Scripture tells us: “My people were lost sheep. Their shepherds led them astray. They abandoned them in the mountains where they wandered aimless through the hills”.  They lost their way.  They followed leaders that led them away from God.  They chased other gods, they lost sight of their roots, they abandoned God.  Really big mistake.  Those decisions cost them everything.  Many were lost, most of their stuff taken away, and they lived in captivity because they got focused on themselves rather than what they had been taught.  Sound familiar at all.  There are days I think that we in America are on a similar path.  It seems like we are headed down a road that runs parallel to this one.  The Word sums it up this way: “they walked out on God”.  That is never a good thing.  God loves us – always has and always will.  He doesn’t walk out on us – if the relationship changes it is because we do what these folks did – we walk away from Him.  That is a very problematic situation.  It is easy to read scripture and wonder how they could be so stupid.  But when I look around, I see so many of the same things happening.  I see a people who is lost, following shepherds who are leading them astray.  Some of it happening inside the churches of this great nation.  We need to focus on our relationship with God.  We need to be true to His Word.  We need to be obedient to His direction.  The rules have not changed.  God is still God.  He still requires the same sorts of things from us as He did the Israelites.  Life matters.  There is a price for our disobedience.

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