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Jeremiah 39

Jeremiah 39 tells the story of what happens when the king of Babylon comes calling.  He lays siege to the city for 1.5 years before they finally break in and conquer.  King Zedekiah runs for his life but doen’t get far before he is caught.  And as prophesied, his sons were killed as were his nobles and most all the people.  He was blinded, chained and taken into captivity.  But the captain of the king’s bodyguard had been given special orders for Jeremiah.  Remember that Jeremiah had been prisoner in the courtyard under Zedekiah, and now Nebushazban (how’s that for a name) gives these orders: “Look out for him. Make sure nothing bad happens to him. Give him anything he wants”.  Do the words ‘I told you so’ ring true here.  Jeremiah had made it clear what would happen to Z and his boys.  And it did, exactly as he said.  Jeremiah moves from prisoner to protected and is cared for.


The other character in the story is our buddy Ebed-melek, the Ethiopian.  You will recall that he saved Jeremiah from death in the cistern previously and now God’s word came true for him as well.  He stuck his neck out to pull Jeremiah from certain death and God’s word was this: “But I’ll deliver you …I’ll most certainly save you…. You won’t be killed…. You’ll walk out of there safe and sound because you trusted me”.  At the time of his heroic effort to spare Jeremiah’s life, it didn’t look like he made that great a decision on the surface.  But God honors that obedience.  God pays attention to how we live.  God does care about the things we choose to do.  It does matter how we live.  Not always to this degree, but it does make a difference in God’s plan.  We can learn much here.  These guys went through some difficult times but in the end, God was faithful as He always is.  We can depend on that.  He never misses His mark. 

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