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Jeremiah 35

Jeremiah 35 paints a very powerful illustration of what should result from obedience.  The story is about the ancestors of Jonadab – no clue who this guy is – but what his decendents demonstrate gives us a clear example of God’s expectation.  Seems that these Recabites were invited to a party and were being served wine which they refused saying: “We don’t drink wine….Our ancestor Jonadab son of Recab commanded us” and they didn’t.  Teachable moment here for Jeremiah.  This clan has been living for generations in obedience to the command of the patriarch.  Jonadab said no wine, no house, just work and live and they have been. In fact, he gave clear direction:  They were told “You are not to drink wine, you or your children, ever. 7 Neither shall you build houses or settle down, planting fields and gardens and vineyards. Don’t own property. Live in tents as nomads so that you will live well and prosper in a wandering life”. 

So what is the difference between the Recabites and the children of Israel?  Both were given clear direction – the children of Israel from God Himself.  Both knew what was expected.  But God’s commands are ignored.  Check out what He says: “Why won’t you learn your lesson and do what I tell you”?  There is a huge breakdown here in the area of obedience.  We need to follow the example of the Recabites.  They did what they were told – generation after generation – because that was the expection.  Believe it or not God has some pretty strong expectations for you and me too.  One is for His commands not to fall on “deaf ears” like they often do.  More and more it seems like the real crux of the Christian life is boiled down to the illustration here.  Will I choose to obey (and it is absolutely a choice) or will I do my own thing.  Only one is right.  Know which one?

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