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Jeremiah 31

Second half of Jeremiah 31 deals with the reality of sin.  I love what God says about His people who have moved away: “Softly and tenderly I wait”.  Can’t you see it?  God, even in His frustration and anger, still wants us to figure out the error of our ways and come back.  He desires us to return to Him.  He wants our hearts.  A harsh reality is painted here when God says “each person will pay for his own sin”.  Have you figured that out yet?  We can’t pass that anywhere except to Jesus.  Not your father, not your mother, but it’s me oh Lord – to quote an old song – that has to deal with my sin.  God knows our pathetic situation and made a way for us, but we have to understand that without that blood me and only me will be paying for that sin.


God explains the issue: “They broke that covenant even though I did my part as their Master”.  Our sin problem is not God’s fault.  He didn’t change the rules or make us sinners.  We did that by choosing to be that way.  Sin is an absolute choice on our part.  The devil didn’t make me do it – I chose to sin.  God was there and the same yesterday, today and forever.  But the great news is that when we repent, when we get covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, God “forgets they ever sinned”.  What an awesome God we serve.  What glorious grace He offers us.  He is willing to not only set us free from sin but to wipe the slate clean.  He is willing to forget.  Most of us struggle to do that when another wrongs us but not God.  Once we pay the price through Jesus, we are set free, really free.  God is so good all the time!

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