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Jeremiah 31

The first half of Jeremiah 31 is a picture of the reunion that will happen as the people are brought back into relationship with God.  Even though they have been exiled, many died, life has been difficult, God says: “I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love”.  What a statement and promise.  God never quits on us.  Even when we turn our back on Him, when we worship other gods, when we let things completely lead us away in disobedience – God never gives up.  He patiently waits and pursues us.  He wants to restore us.  And this chapter is a great example of that.  Of the joy that will happen when reunited with God.  Young women will dance….weeping into laughter…”.  There is good stuff when we come back to God.  It doesn’t matter how long we have been away.  Just like the story of the prodigal son, He is there looking for our return.  And when we come back, He lavishes us with His love.  Oh what a blessing that is.  God’s love – it doesn’t get much better than that. 

He goes on to tell us how that restoration happens.  In a word, we have to “repent”. The passage gives the word picture of breaking a young horse for the saddle.  We have to be broken – “trained to obedience”.  I love that picture.  It is getting our past and present and future under control and in God’s hand.  The request is simple: “Now put me, trained and obedient, to use”.  I love that.  Does a young colt ever sign up to be broken and saddled?  I really doubt it.  But once done it makes their value and use go up significantly.  God wants to break us of sin and get us ready to be molded and used to make a difference for Him.  We can fight it, and often do, for a long time.  But if we really want to serve God and become what He desires, we have to get this obedience thing down.  And we also need to recognize that training is part of that.  Be it our own daily study and focus, participation in a group or attending church activity – we need to be trained.  We have to get that to stay on track.  Don’t fight the bridle.  God wants us ready for service!

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