Jeremiah 26

Jeremiah preaches boldly in chapter 26 of the pending doom.  It is in your face kind of preaching.  He tells them clearly they have a choice – they need to change their ways and then God says: “maybe they’ll listen and turn back….Then I’ll reconsider”.  God has destruction planned and Jeremiah is warning the people and giving them a second chance.  But they don’t respond well.  After he finishes they mob him and want him killed.  How often we see this in scripture.  Jeremiah points out a couple examples in Micah and Uriah, but bottom line is that as people we often don’t like to hear the truth, particularly if it means we need to change. 


But here is what Jeremiah says – this is the crux of it for you and me – we need to take action.  Check this out: “So do something about it! Change the way you’re living, change your behavior. Listen obediently to the Message”.  It is not enough to know what God thinks.  We are required to DO something about it.  We have to CHANGE how we live.  That means action.  That means accountability.  That means execution.  We have to get with the program and walk the way God instructs us.  We need to know His Word and then follow it.  Now.  Life matters!

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