Jeremiah 23

The second part of Jeremiah 23 starts with a bang: “Am I not a God near at hand….and not a God far off?  I love that statement.  God is God put simply.  He is here, He is there, He is everywhere.  He is part of our daily lives, right there with us, moment by moment.  Sometimes we don’t recognize Him.  For me, that happens all too often.  But it doesn’t change the reality that God is with us.  He isn’t moving.  I love the statement that points out “if you don’t feel close to God, guess who moved”.  God isn’t going anywhere.  Or maybe more correctly, God is going everywhere.  He is right here with me, and right there with you.  He is engaged with our lives.  We need to recognize Him and relate to Him in that way.


But the chapter goes on to ask “can anyone hide”?  Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty stuff.  We sometimes think we can get away with stuff – that God doesn’t know.  Wrong….He knows all.  We sometimes think we can sin in the quiet corner of our life and God doesn’t see.  Wrong….He sees all.  We sometimes think we can say things softly that God doesn’t hear.  Wrong….God hears all.  We can’t hide.  We are just fooling ourselves to think we can.  God is alive!  God is paying attention to everything we do and say and live.  He cares about all that stuff.  Why?  Because it reveals our relationship to Him, particularly in the area of obedience.  It shows how we are doing in our quest toward holiness, our growth to become like Jesus.  Life matters.  How we live makes a huge difference – not just the big things – but the little things.  They may actually be even more telling.  What happens when we think no one is watching reveals a lot about us.  This chapter makes it clear Someone is always watching. 


So the question really is: how are you living life moment by moment in relationship to God.  Is He invited to be part of every moment?  Or are you trying to keep some stuff locked away from Him?  Are you pretending to keep Him at bay concerning certain areas of your life?  You can’t, so let’s quit pretending and just invite Him to be right in the middle of it.  God wants to make a difference.  In you, and also through you.  That happens when we let Him be in charge, be Lord of our lives.  That is when His power can become manifest in and through us.  Are you willing to quit hiding and let God have control?  Today is the best day to start that focus!

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